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Is that all there is? Thoughts on happiness and being

 I'm sitting in a coffeeshop in Harvard Square with not much time. Typically I like to craft my blog posts; first brainstorm a topic, then do some research, some thinking, some planning, then finally create the post and hit 'Publish'. Except that never happens, because if it did this wouldn't be just the second post on my site. Today, a quick, spontaneous blurb. A little of me, for you.

Something I've been focusing on a lot lately is being in the here and now - that typical cliché we've all grown to resent as we hustle and bustle through days, weeks, months. Here and now, as in my existence as a human being in this moment, irrespective of my goals, my responsibilities, my strengths or lack thereof. I am at peace even on the busiest day (okay maybe not every busy, hectic day), but even on those stressful days, working long hours at a restaurant job, or driving all over Boston for castings or shows or rehearsals - I manage to keep a smile on my face most of the time. 

People ask me how I do it. One co-worker even said to me recently, "You always greet people so warmly, your smile is so genuine!" Well...that's because it is. What else am I going to do in this moment - wherever I am, no matter what's on my mind, on my plate, or next on my agenda - besides smile and be happy? Be sad? Annoyed? Irritated? Frustrated? Sure, I feel one or all of those ways often . But the more I practice stopping, looking around me, getting out of my head, and realizing, in that one moment, this is all there is right now, the easier it is to simply be happy.

Just a thought. ;)




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