Belén Cusi Ft. Andrés Echeverry @ The Smokeshop BBQ - Kendall Square

  • The Smokeshop BBQ Kendall Street Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States

Frequent performers at the Smokeshop, Belén and Andrés return to one of their favorite spots. In fall of 2016, the two began performing together as an acoustic duo playing Latin, soul, and pop music. Cusi’s mesmerizing vocal talents are only enhanced by Echeverry’s smooth guitar. 

More about the duo:

Cusi studied in Texas before moving to Boston and doing an artist development program at Blink Music Studios in 2010. Echeverry studied in Colombia before coming to Berklee in 2012. They’ve performed at venues including the Latin Quarter Fiesta in JP, several events at the Centro Cultural Cubano, and The Smokeshop BBQ in Kendall Square. 

Their work includes influences from Robi Draco Rosa, Carla Morrison, and Mercedes Sosa. The music is comprised of both original work and covers. They like to keep the atmosphere casual.

Instagram: @belencusi @andresecheverrymusic
Twitter: @belencusi

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