Belén Cusi
Belén Cusi
singer-songwriter • based in NYC

Welcome. I’m a singer-songwriter and pianist based in NYC. I also love to write, which I do mostly on tumblr. On this page you’ll find links to my latest music releases, upcoming shows and blog posts. For a full bio, click here.

Latest release: Closer, 8.17.18

Produced by Grammy-winning producer DJ Afro, Belén Cusi’s debut single “Closer” combines jazzy harmonies, Latin rhythms & velvety vocals to create a sound that’s at once familiar and new.


Next show:

january 25th @ Groove - nyc

Click here for details.

Belen at Silvana

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How we raise our kids at home and how we educate them in schools and elsewhere make up the fabric of a generation - and for that we want kids who are encouraged to think for themselves, to love and feel fully, to respect each other and themselves, and to have a thirst for knowledge. I believe in teaching how to think, how to explore, how to create, rather than what.